We shape great ideas.

Into Beautiful workable software solutions.



Create the best products with our wide variety of services.

Product and Software Development

We offer innovative and efficient solutions for mobile, web and desktop that could take your company further.

Mobile Development

We develop powerful Apps for your businness that will solve your problems across many platforms IOS, Android, Windows phone and others.

Digital Strategy

Do you have a project and dont know where to start? Don't worry let us gide you with your strategy and set clear goals.


We are a team of highly skilled, focused, dynamic and talented engineers, developers, designers and strategists who know how to get things done.

Leading engineers is not an easy job, but someone have to do it.

Alejandro Montoya


I empower people to create the next generation of leaders.

José Betancur


"Everyone should be asked to do what is within their reach"

Paula Rivera

Human Resources

Football and code two things I love.

Eliel Lobo

Senior Backend Developer


Alvaro Ardila

Senior IOS Developer

No talk all action.

Gerardo Carrero

Junior Java Developer

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.

Rodrigo Obando

Senior Full-Stack Developer

It's not a bug, It's a feature.

Hernán Metaute

Senior Full-Stack Developer

To lose is to win a little.

Luis Gómez

Senior Backend Developer

Any fool can use a computer, Many do.

Thomas Quiroz

Java Backend Developer

Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet.

Marcos Diaz

Java Backend Developer

IT Tech Support: Wellcome to the dark side!

Oscar del Valle


We are hiring

Are you a kickass developer who wants to be part of our team?

Fullstack Web/Mobile Developer

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  • 4 to 6+ years of web and mobile app development exp.
  • Competency and experience leading teams.
  • Demonstrated learning any javascript framework.

Java Backend Developer

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  • Experience building and consuming RESTful APIs.
  • Experience with relational databases and/or NoSQL.
  • High English proficiency.